Expand their play space with the Flexi Gate 24 in. Extension for 1510PW - 24 in.. Designed to fit the Flexi Walk-Through Gate with Pet Door, this extension allows you to increase your furry friend's trouble-free zone. Great for people who love to rearrange and for families who have moving pet designated areas. Ideal for wide walkways or irregular spaces. Select ''Even'' option for 1st extension panel, select ''Odd'' option for additional panels. Notation for Option Selection: The main Flexi Gate consists of three panels: an even door panel flanked by two odd panels. Odd panels can only connect to even panels, and even panels can only connect to odd panels. Therefore, if you wish to purchase this extension, you must select an even panel. Your second extension must be an odd panel, unless you wanted to keep the door in the middle, then you would select an even panel and connect it on the opposite end as your first extension. A third extension would have to be an odd panel, and using a third extension would once again offset your door from center. For additional explanation of extensions, please see the attached pdf ''Flexi Gate Extension Manual PDF''. Borne from a gap in the pet market, Carlson Pet Products is the solution pet lovers have been looking for when it comes to training and safety. We realize baby gates don't do everything you need them to do when it comes to dogs and cats, so Carlson is committed to bringing quality animal gates to the market. Our versatile collection includes wide gates for large spaces, high gates for jumpers, low gates you can step over, adjustable gates to accommodate changing needs, and much, much more. All pieces are created from durable steel and feature only lead-free, non-toxic, chew-proof materials. Easy for you, safe for them, Carlson has pets and their families covered. (CSO025-1)
  • Extends the 1510PW model Flexi Pet Gate
  • Available in beige
  • Ideal for odd-shaped or wide spaces
  • Accommodates your changing needs
  • Dimensions: 24L x 1W x 30H inches
Dimensions24W x 30H in.
Height30 in

Flexi Gate 24 in. Extension for 1510PW

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