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Flow Restrictor Flow restrictor to be used on waste water line of RO systems. Sized for 100 GPD membranes Flushing Open the the flow restrictor to flush the membrane to help prolong the life of the membrane 1/4" Quick Connect Connects to tubing used on most filter systems and standard RO systems
  • Easily flush RO membrane with a simple turn of the valve!
  • Improve water quality! Prolong membrane life!
  • Built in flow restrictor sized to your RO system this is set for 100 gpd size RO
  • no need for additional tubing or fittings
  • comes with 1/4" female threaded fittings and quick connect adapters
Dimensions1 x 1 x 4 inches

Flusing Flow Restrictor for 100 GPD with 1/4" QC

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