Wonders of the Apple Fruit No other fruit plays such a major part in the human history as apples. Almost every country has a legend that features this incredible, sweet fruit. It's really not surprising seeing how there are more than 7,500 species of apple trees cultivated in the world today. These plants are highly resilient and spread around the world quite fast. It's believed that they originate from Central Asia, although today they are grown all over the globe. Despite the fact that apple fruits only came to America with the first colonists, they've managed to take firm root in our culture and become a staple food for an average US kitchen. Raw apple fruits are used in a variety of ways, including the production of cider, apple butter, and apple jelly. They can be eaten raw when ripe or used for cooking delicious apple pies, crumbles, cakes, and many other desserts. These fruits can be used for making savory dishes as well, and a duck roasted with apples is one of the most amazing meals you can find. Apple fruits are used in the production of cosmetic products and often included in homemade beauty remedies. All Western cultures use apple fruits extensively, so there are at least several dishes based on them in every cuisine. One of the best things about these fruits is that they are as good dried as they are raw. Of course, both the taste and texture of dried apples is a bit different, but they are no less enjoyable or nutritious. Food To Live Dried Apples: Organic, No Sugar, No Freeze Dried Apples from Food To Live are sourced from trusted farmers and processed with love and care using top-quality equipment. Our facility is organic certified and so are these products. We guarantee the quality of our dried apple slices and are sure that your whole family would enjoy them. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS FOR WELLBEING: Organic Dried Apples from Food To Live contain vitamins C, E, and A.
  • LOTS OF DIETARY FIBER: A cup of dried apple slices holds 7 grams of fiber, which makes the great for diets.
  • DELICIOUS & HEALTHY SNACK: Eat Organic Dried Apples as they are to get a boost of healthy energy.
  • VERSATILE COOKING INGREDIENT: Our dried apple slices can be used for making pies, crumbles, sauces, and desserts.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCT: Food To Live guarantees the quality of our Dried Apples. They are 100% toxin and GMO-free.
CertificationUSDA Organic

Food To Live Certified Organic Dried Apple Rings (Non-GMO, Kosher, Unsulfured, Bulk) (5 Pounds)

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