Easy Latch & Lock Operation
Place filled bag into vacuum sealing channel and close easy latch bar. Then press vacuum/seal button to start vacuum sealing

Air-Tight Heat Seal
Removes air from specially designed bags. Multi-layer material heat seals to keep air out and prevent freezer burn. BPA free.

Less Bag Waste
Your rolls go further! FM2000 Series was specially designed to yield more bags per roll.

Accessory Hose Port
Compatible with all FoodSaver containers

Patented Removable Drip Tray
Makes clean-up easy and extends the life of your appliance.

Product Details

  • Brand New Technology: Minimizes Bag Material Used, 40% less than traditional FoodSaver units
  • Moist/Dry Food Settings - for better sealing control
  • Features Roll Storage with Roll Cutter
  • Space-saving Vertical Design, Perfect for Countertop or Easy Storage
  • Includes: 3-Quart Bags, 2-Gallon Bags, 1-11" x 10' Roll & Accessory Hose
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Keeps food fresh
  • Space-saving design with easy latch and lock operation
  • Convenient roll storage and roll cutter
  • Accessory port and hose vacuum seals canisters and marinates food
  • Compatible with the FA2000-000 Handheld Sealer for use with FoodSaver zipper bags and all other accessories
Dimensions19 x 13.8 x 12.5 inches

FoodSaver FM2100-000 Vacuum Sealing Food Storage System


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