In fuel injected engines, the throttle body is the part of the air intake system that controls the amount of air flowing into the engine, in response to driver accelerator pedal input in the main. The throttle body is usually located between the air filter box and the intake manifold, and it is usually attached to, or near, the mass airflow sensor. So, the simplest but essential way to increase air intake into the engine is increasing the diameter of the throttle body. By doing so, more air volume and higher amount of fuel are introduced, then, higher power will be available at your feet. This Throttle Body would be a must for a tuned or upgraded vehicle with higher than stock horsepower.
Package Included:
1 X 70mm Aluminum Throttle Body
Hardware for Installation
Compatible with:
02-05 Subaru Impreza WRX
Fits models with 2.0L/ 2.5L EJ20/ EJ25 H4 engines and cable drive systems ONLY
  • High Quality Bearing for Full Manipulation over the Valve and Improved Durability
  • Valve Adopted a Butterfly Plate Mechanism for the Best Control
  • OEM Fitment or Aftermarket Replacement, Instantly Increases 7 to 15 Horsepower
  • 70mm (2.75"), Much Larger than Stock Body Diameter
  • 3" Inlet Diameter / Fits with 0.375" Bolt Size

For 02-05 Subaru Impreza WRX High Flow Cast Aluminum 70mm Intake Manifold Throttle Body (Black) GD GG EJ20 EJ25 03 04

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