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Everyone in the Celtic Catuvellauni village assumed Ness would marry the man she had loved since age fifteen. Their eventual matrimony seemed preordained. His inscrutable rejection of Ness sends shock through the entire community. Heartbroken but resilient, Ness accepts a marriage proposal from a most unlikely eligible bachelor.
Battle scarred and weary of solitude, Roman Tribune Aquilus trained to do just one thing all his life--stoically serve the empire. The beautiful tribeswoman perfectly answers a long ignored call from deep within his soul. Though he adores his new bride, when Ness harms a political connection, Aquilus lays down the law.
But Celtic women aren't inclined to submit to inconvenient rules, and the only obstacle standing between Ness and a Celtic divorce is Aquilus's garrison of legionaries.
Will Roman might, Celtic stubbornness, or something else entirely prevail?

    SeriesLove and Warfare
    Series Volume Number1
    Publication DateApril 25, 2017

    For Life or Until: Love and Warfare Series Book 1

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