For the Jewish people the fall of Jerusalem was a disaster. Following the destruction of the Temple, and their defeat in the second century Bar Kokhba revolt, they became a people without a home. Dispersed all over the world, their religion changed from one based on a central authority in Jerusalem, to one which was dependent on the authority of individual community-based rabbis. The destruction of Jerusalem also had a major impact on the development of Christianity. Originally Christianity took two major forms, a Jewish version and one based on the teachings of St. Paul. With the Roman destruction of Judea, and the dispersion of the Jews, the Paulinian form was the only one left standing. One can only speculate what both Christianity and Judaism would look like today if Jerusalem had not been destroyed. In For the Temple, a young Jewish boy is swept up in the events surrounding the Roman invasion. From guerrilla leader, to a defender of Jerusalem, to being a slave in Alexandria, he experiences the horror and frustration of fighting a hopeless war. He soon comes in contact with a Jewish religious group called the Essenes, who lived a reclusive life of severe self-denial. From them he hears of a Jewish teacher who was crucified only a few years earlier, and that story changes his life. The book concludes with three articles in the "Rest of the Story" section: I. Josephus II. Siege of Jerusalem (70 AD) III. Herod's Temple Fiction Chapters: Grade Level: 9.4 - Reading Age: 14 Years Nonfiction Articles: Grade Level: 11.5 - Reading Age: 16 Years Henty's Homeschool History Series Teaching History Through Fiction The Henty series is a unique way of learning about history. It consists of over 80 novels, each representing a significant historical period or event. Following each novel is a series of nonfiction articles which expand on the events or places in which the novel is set. - Perfect for homeschool students - Even better for adults who have never lost their desire to learn. "If you want to fall in love with history, there is simply no better way to do it than this."
  • ISBN13: 9781935585244
  • Publisher: Fireship Press
  • Pubilcation Year: 2010
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00328
Publication DateMarch 24, 2010
Primary CategoryFiction/Historical - General
Sub Category 1Fiction/War & Military

For the Temple: A Tale of the Fall of Jerusalem

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