3V Free Form Liquid offers a variety of essential nutrients for renal, cardiovascular and joint health to both dogs and cats. This liquid contains a concentrated Omega3 Fatty Acid source that is instrumental in improving the health of your pet. This formula also works to reduce inflammation and thus prevent pain from joint issues and to improve cognition and neurological development. 3V Free Form Liquid comes in an 8 ounce bottle with a pump that makes administration a breeze. Because it is appropriate for use on both cats and dogs, 3V is ideal for houses with multiple pets. 3V Free Form Liquid is the ideal supplement for pets of all ages, breeds, and sizes so order it for your pet today Key Features: Promotes renal, cardiovascular, joint, and neurological health Formulated for both dogs and cats Comes in 8 ounce bottle made for easy dispensing
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Free Form Liquid (4 oz)


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