Free Paws High-Power Stepless Adjustable Speed and temperature Pet Grooming Hair Dryer With 3 Different Nozzles

Color:Yellow Features Stepless adjustable airflow speed and 2 kinds of temperature for different requirementSepecification Output power: 400W-3000W adjustable Voltage: AC110V Airflow speed: 25M/S-56M/S stepless adjustable Temperature: 96F-167F 2 type adjustable Max. noise: Less than 62DB Material: Metal main shelter and ABS covers Color: Yellow Flexible Hose: 31.5 to 94.5 IN length adjustable. Longer hose for wider working place 2.5 FT long Power Cord: Save a Power flashboard or extension cord. Contents: 1 x Free Paws 4HP Pet Grooming Hair Dryer 1 x Flexible hose 4 x Different nozzles 1 x Special noise- assimilation sponge 1 x User manual Why should blow dry our pets? Why we could not use human dryer on them? Why Should Blow Dry? A wet coat will immediately pick up all kinds of dirt if the pet is allowed to run and play while it is still wet. Also, most coats that don't get dried right away will harbor some musty or moldy smells, pets' skin get pruritus. Blow drying your pet until its coat is all the way "bone" dry will make it look its best. The hair will be straight, fluffy, and clean. Poodles look more professional when blow dried and other breeds look full of body. Why could not use human dryer? The heat of human dryer is much hotter than professional pet dryers, espacially for dogs. It takes 30 or more minutes to dryer a large dog using human dryer, our pet dryer can save your time and protect your pet getting cold. My pet is afraid of the noise of dryer, what should I do?Introduce it slowly prior to actually using it on the dog. Turn it on low air away from the dog and then let them slowly feel the air coming out of the nozzle. Show them you can put it you. Try doing that several times so that they can get used to it. The sound of wind and running motor can be louder in a cabined room, if your dog does not like the noise much, try use the dryer outside instead of an enclosed room. Note: Please do not leave your pet and working machine together when you are out, even in a short period of time. Different Purpose of Different Nozzles If you have small dog, or he is afraid of force dryer, you can try to use this nozzle at first, put 2 or 3 fingers on them. If your pet is double coats, please use our 7 finger nozzle to blast shedding hair out of the coats. Which helps reduce probability of whip knot. It also increase drying area, so if you have large dogs, you can put all fingers on; it is good to dry under coat of double coats dogs. In Spring or Summer, use Slot Nozzles to blast the water up and off of the coat. Larger one for larger pets. Drying Sequences: Neck-Back of ears- Back-Belly-Head-Legs. ---That will save you much time! ?Note: The important thing with the force dryer is to not point it directly at the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, or any other sensitive part. That would just be mean, because it is too strong for these sensitive areas. In Fall or Winter, use this Cylindrical Nozzle which can keep airflow warm. In cold weather, turn on the machine and adjust it to lowest airflow, then turn on the high heat about 5-10 mins to get pre heat, then use it on your pets. While you are blow drying, use your free hand to brush through the coat as you go. This will help speed the process. While you are brushing and drying keep your eyes open for mats and skin problems so that you can address them later.

Product Features

  • Model: PD02 4HP High-Power.Output power: 400W - 3000W adjustable
  • Stepless adjustable airflow speed: 25M/S-56M/S and 2 temperature:96F or 167F, to dry your pet twice quicker than using common pet dryers
  • With safe US standard voltage AC110V, provide you a pro pet care right at home
  • Designed with 3 noise-eliminating covers and a special noise-assimilation sponge, works in a relatively quiet sound under 62DB
  • With CE safety certification, comes with a flexible hose and 4 different nozzles with heat insulation design. Material: metal shelter and ABS covers

    Free Paws High-Power Stepless Adjustable Speed and temperature Pet Grooming Hair Dryer With 3 Different Nozzles Yellow

    Free Paws

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