Freshlocker Vacuum Sealer system is an innovative idea of preserving your love fresh. For the love of yourself and your family, we make sure you get to keep things fresh endlessly. With Freshlocker vacuum sealer, not only you get to preserve food fresh, prevent valuable items from oxidation, protect your family safety from harmful materials. Specification Model: VS90 Dimensions: 13.3 x 5.9 x 2.6" (340*150*67mm) Weight: 2.9lbs Power: 175W Vacuum Degree: 0.6-0.8bar Sealing Time: 4 - 10s Sealing & Vacuuming Time: 10 - 20s Sealing width: MAX 12" Save Money, Save Space, Save Time, Save Food SAVE MONEY: An economical solution to keep food fresh longer. Store & preserve vegetables, fruits & meats or vacuum for sous vide. It can even be used to vacuum seal jewelry, silverware, and other household items. SAVE TIME: All-In-One button for VACUUM / CANCEL / SEAL ONLY functions. Sealing width MAX 28cm Sealing Line 3MM ensuring a reinforced airtight seal. SAVE SPACE: Portable size for easy storage, Attached Power cord stores inside unit. SAVE FOOD: A must have in your kitchen to prep, create, seal and store dishes ahead of time. Provides you the easy and safe way to increase the lifespan of your groceries, fruits and vegetables.
  • PRESERVE FOOD FRESH:Keep food safe and fresh up to 5X longer ; Sous Vide cooking assistant. Packaging, Vacuuming, Sealing as food dispenser to store meals ahead of time for party, picnic, hunting and traveling.
  • EASY TO OPERATE:One touch vacuum sealer machine for VACUUM / CANCEL / SEAL ONLY functions. Automated Vacuum and Seal operation when both lights turn off. Sealing width MAX 28cm; Sealer Line 3MM ensuring a reinforced airtight seal.
  • PORTABLE:Compact space-saving vacuum packer in the kitchen and sleek design, low in noise. Measurement: 13.3 x 5.9 x 2.6" Weight 2.9 lbs
  • MULTIFUNCTION:A super saver solution for vegetables, fruits & meats preservation and storage. Other than food, vacuum seal machine also seals valuable jewelries, silverware, documents from exposure to air. Besides, you may seal your guns, bullets, harzardous material, dangerous tool to better protect your loved ones.
  • BUYER GUARANTEE:Buyer Guarantee: We stand 100% behind our customers with 18months warranty and 30days money back. Starter kit includes: 1 Freshlocker Roll 8" x 10ft, 1 Freshlocker Roll 11" x 10ft, 5 Freshlocker Bag (Quart 8"x 12"),   5 Freshlocker Bag (Gallon 11"x 16")

Freshlocker VS90 Vacuum Sealer Machine,1 Button Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Pack of Saver Roll and Bags for Food Preservation,White

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