This book of erotic love poetry is enhanced by original watercolor paintings of sacred sexual union.

We want you to have an experience as you read these words and see these images, some of which are sexually explicit. We want you to laugh, cry, tremble, vibrate and squirm. We want you to get aroused. Some readers might even be offended, although that is not our intention.

We want you to say wow! We want you to read these poems slowly over and over again. And we hope to inspire you to turn up the heat with your lover. Grab each other and make music with your bodies. Communicate with your touch rather than your talk. Surrender to your passion - hold nothing back. Be transported to the realm of sexual, spiritual ecstasy.

At the beginning of our relationship in 1987, our sexuality was primarily friction sex-where bodies rub together-and we did experience great pleasure! Friction sex is lusty-very, very physical: panty wetting, trouser tenting-an aching for physical release. Deep emotional connection isn't the main focus with friction sex.

By 1990, we had been practicing Tantra for three years and had advanced considerably in our ability to work with hot sexual energy, moving it through our bodies and exchanging it with each other. We were beyond the stage of falling in love, we had graduated to creating love, yet the intensity of our feeling was very much like when we first fell in love.

Happily, that intensity continues to this day. Our lust has been a joy, a key unlocking the door into direct experience of the great mystery. In an instant, a hot passionate desire will overtake us and we will drop what we are doing and devour each other. Over the years with our practice of Tantra, sex has evolved and matured, continuing to include lots of lusty friction, but expanding to also include energy sex and soul sex.

Energy sex involves deep emotional connection and opens the doorway to experiences of sexual ecstasy in which you become the lovemaking. During such an experience you may wonder, "Whose orgasm is it anyway?" In this way, energy sex goes beyond the physical, but at the same time is completely physically satisfying. Energy sex transcends control. Hearts are fully open in vulnerable surrender to each other. Your energy bodies and auras merge in the union of sexual ecstasy. This is far more satisfying compared with friction sex alone, without the emotional connection.

The third level of maturing evolution in our sacred loving was from energy sex to soul sex. In soul sex, the lovers become completely transparent, open, vulnerable, turning toward heaven and inviting the Divine into their lover's bed. Through a combination of extraordinary physical pleasure, deep emotional connection, heart opening, loss of control, and surrender, the lovers unite mystically with the All. This is an experience of the most profound love imaginable.

Our commitment to each other is always a gift, both given and received; never a duty or sacrifice or obligation. We share a belief that body, mind, heart and soul are one-that sex and spirit belong together, that sacred sex is a pathway through to the Divine.

The three levels of sacred sexuality, friction, energy and soul sex, once experienced are united in harmony, indivisible in an expanded field of sensuality and higher consciousness. Body, mind, heart and soul are united, the lovers are free and they are happy.

  • ISBN13: 9780996556507
  • Publisher: 4 Freedoms Consulting LLC
  • Pubilcation Year: 2015
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00070
Publication DateAugust 25, 2015
Primary CategoryPoetry/Subjects & Themes - Love & Erotica

Friction Sex - Energy Sex - Soul Sex

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