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If you've ever Added ice cubes to your pet's Water bowl, you'll now that dogs and cats are like people who enjoy a cool drink of Water on hot day. The Freezable frosty cord CONTAINS nontoxic gel, while keeps your pet's water refreshing cold and foot Fresh even on the warmest summer days. COOLING pet bowl PROVIDES pet With reservoir of cool clean water Simple Freeze it inserts into base and fill. This frosty bowl is sanitary and will not harvest bacteria like regular bowls Great For trips, just put this bowl is the ice cooler and use when ready.
  • Cooling pet bowPROVIDES peWithh reservoir of cool clean water
  • GreFOR trips, just puThis bowl iThe ice cooler aUSE when ready
  • Keeps dog fooFRESWARM summer days

Frost Bite Chilled Pet Water Bowl


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