»Popcorn Machine can be used with or without the cart.
»18" Anodized wheels.
»3 Position Control Switch.
»Built-in Stirring System integrated with Kettle.
»Built-in warmer light & built-in heating element beneath the deck.
»Kettle detaches for easy clean up.
»Pull-out kernel catcher or "Old Maid" for uncooked kernels.
»Flip-up lids allow popcorn to pop out of kettle.
»Yields about 6 Gallons of Popcorn per batch.
»Handy Storage compartment keeps supplies and materials all together.


»Large 16 Oz. Stainless Steel Kettle.
»Switches Include Spot Light / Deck Warmer, Kettle Stirrer, and Kettle Heater.
»Safety Tempered Glass Panels and French Doors.
»All high quality Stainless Steel construction.
»Works with any Popcorn Kit - Best With Funtime Pre-portioned Popcorn Kits.

Technical Specifications

»Popcorn Machine Dimensions: 18-1/2" Long x 16" Wide x 26-5/8" Tall.
»Cart Storage Area: 15-Inches Long x 11-Inches Wide.
»Overall Dimensions (Machine W/ Cart): 31" Long x 21-1/2" Wide x 61-5/8" Tall.
»Electrical: 120 Volts.

What's In The Box?

»Funtime FT1665PP Popcorn Popper With Cart.
»Stainless Steel Measuring Cup.
»Stainless Steel Popcorn Scoop.
»Stainless Steel Seasoning Shaker.
»Funtime Popcorn Machine Instruction Manual.
  • Includes Factory Warranty
Appliance ColorBlack Stainless Steel
Dimensions31 x 21.5 x 61.6 inches

FunTime FT1665PP Palace Popper 16oz Hot Oil Popcorn Machine w/ Cart


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