The FunTime FT862CRS Sideshow Popper Hot Oil Popcorn Machine with Cart has a sleek design while maintaining that classic feel of vintage vending carts. This cart features a powder-coat finish in red and silver, metal trays, and 18-inch finished wheels. The built-in heating deck keeps popcorn hot long after it's been popped. Below is a cabinet with room to store your popcorn popper accessories. The machine also features a stainless steel hot oil kettle with a built-in stirring system. A flip-up lid allows the popcorn to come pouring out as it pops, while the pull-out kernel catcher separates old maid kernels from your popcorn as you scoop it. Capacity: 8 ounces (48 cups). Dimensions: 16W x 26D x 60H inches. About FunTime Popcorn Company FunTime Popcorn Company is a leading manufacturer of hot oil popcorn machines designed to pop the most delicious, buttery popcorn in your own home. All poppers include stainless steel kettles with a built-in stirring system designed to pop the perfect batch of popcorn. FunTime also carries Perfect Popcorn - portioned packs with pre-measured ingredients -so you get it just right, every time. (IIS018-1)
  • 850-watt popcorn machine with cart in red and silver
  • All-metal construction with tempered side glass panels
  • Uses stainless steel hot oil kettle
  • Handy storage compartment in cart's base
  • Capacity: 8 oz.
Dimensions21 x 18 x 38.5 inches

FunTime FT862CRS Sideshow Popper 8oz Hot Oil Popcorn Machine w/ Cart (Red & Silver)


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