Stretching your ears can be expensive but with these stretching kits, you get a great deal because you get the tapers for each size as well as good quality tunnels or plugs for each ear.
  • 14 Pieces Black & White Checkerboard Acrylic Ear Taper Stretching Kit 10G - 00G
  • 14 Pieces Black & White Checkerboard Acrylic Double Flared Plug Set 10G - 00G Ear Expander Kit
  • Each tapers size is individually packaged and sized verified.
  • Check out our other listings for deals on plugs, tunnels and taper + plug kits
ColorBlack And White Checkerboard

Gauges Kit 14 Pairs White Checkerboard Acrylic Tapers Plugs 10G-00G 28 Pieces


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Black And White Checkerboard

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