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In the channels of old time music there are those who bide their time, picking throught the morsels that come along, snagging the very best. When a good song or tune slips by headed to the surface for fame and fortune, the Georgia Mudcats are there, working the murky depths, foraging through the flotsam of old time music for the best tunes and songs as they drift by. There are flashier bands, but you won't find one whose feet are more firmly planted in the primordial ooze of Southern old time music. They know the music from the bottom up, and have carved a niche that forsakes flash and glamor for a soulful song or hot tune sung and played to a well timed groove.
  • Georgia Mudcats - Barefoot in the Henhouse & Other Southern Delights [CD]
  • Music
Publication Date20071127
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

Barefoot in the Henhouse & Other Southern Delights

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