Gila ULTRA SHIELD MAX STATIC-CLING Auto Tints are an easy to install, heat and UV blocking film that will enhance the look, comfort, and privacy of your vehicle. ULTRA SHIELD MAX's patented Nano Technology coating is highly efficient at blocking intense heat and UV rays that are harmful to people, pets, and interiors. Made using State-of-the-Art dying and coating technologies. Static-Cling films are easier to work with during installation and can be removed and reused as often as desired. 24/7 customer service and detailed online installation videos available. Don't forget the Gila Complete Application Kit. Gila ULTRA SHIELD MAX Auto Tints come in 3 Visible Light Transfer ratings, 5% VLT, 20% VLT, and 35% VLT. A lower VLT number is a darker tint. Please check local tint laws before purchase. Don't leave the look and value of your car to a low ball installer and low quality films
  • The highest heat rejection of any Gila auto window tint
  • Fast installation - removable and reusable
  • 99 percentage UV protection - helps prevent interior sun damage
  • Total solar energy rejected is 67 percentage
  • Blocks 94 percentage of glare
  • Size 24" x 6.5'
Dimensions26 x 2 x 1.8 inches

Gila 24" x 78" Ultra Shield Max Peel-and-Cling Auto Tint


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