Glad FreezerWare containers seal in freshness to protect the food you want to save in the freezer. Instead of plastic that gets brittle and chip when frozen, Glad FreezerWare is designed to be crack resistant in the freezer. With the 64 ounce containers, you can easily make big batches of soups, sauces, or casseroles to freeze for future use. These large containers also work well for marinating meat, saving prepped foods, or storing dry goods. Lids snap on tightly to preserve freshness and to prevent leaks during transport. With Glad FreezerWare, you can share food with friends without worrying about getting expensive containers back. When you use Glad, you know your food is receiving quality protection.

Wash freezer containers before use. Lock lids together for easy storage by placing one lid on a flat surface and a second lid of the same shape on top. Gently press down on the button in the center of the top lid until you feel the two lids connect. Repeat this process to lock additional lids onto the stack.

BPA free

Glad food containers should not be used for boiling, in ovens, under broilers or on the stove top. Prior to microwaving, remove lid and place loosely on top to vent. Handle all hot food containers with care.

  • GLAD FREEZER FOOD CONTAINERS WITH LIDS: Securely store food and left-over meals, freezer-burn free, in these large 8 cup Glad FreezerWare food storage containers
  • FREEZERWARE FOOD STORAGE: Unlike other plastic containers, Glad FreezerWare was designed to be crack resistant in the freezer
  • FREEZER STORAGE CONTAINER: Although designed for storing frozen food and meals, Glad FreezerWare can be used for marinating meats and saving prepped foods
  • REUSABLE FOOD STORAGE: Glad FreezerWare food containers are BPA free and can safely go from freezer to microwave to dishwasher
  • PLASTIC CONTAINER SET: FreezerWare containers include interlocking lids that snap on for a tight seal during use and nest together with ease for storage
Dimensions8.8 x 6.6 x 5 inches
Pack ConfigurationMulti Pack
Container Count2

Glad Food Storage Containers - Glad FreezerWare Container - Large - 64 oz - 2 Containers


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