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WHEN THE GODS GO TO WAR, YOU HAD BETTER BE SURE THE ONE YOU SERVE WILL PREVAIL... Salmon is fairly certain his god is the safe bet. He probably fears El Elyon more than do the giants he faces in battle; their Gibborite monarchs, or the rebel gods who spawned them. As a veteran officer of the campaign against the eastern kings, he witnessed divine intervention which led to his army's victory. But he also knows El Elyon is equally willing to smite even his own followers if they fail to obey him. The graves of Salmon's parents attest to this. Othniel is a young soldier with a stout heart and a child-like faith in El Elyon. Trouble is, he's in love with the only daughter of his zealous, disapproving tribal chief. Battle will soon turn this boy into a man, but can his faith, and love, survive the crucible of war? The rebel gods...from the ranks of the original 70 Princes of the Divine Council...are growing ever bolder in their defiance of the divine patriarch, who would have all who live bow down to him. They've bred a master race of Gibborites (Nephilim, or "fallen ones") to rule a region in the World of Men that El Elyon has set aside for his own purposes. El Elyon has brought up a rag-tag army of slave-spawn desert nomads to repossess this sacred land. As if fighting multiple armies of giants, backed by an entire pantheon, wasn't difficult enough, the God of Yacov seems intent on burdening them with unilateral restrictions and cumbersome regulations from the start. Caught up in this cross-dimensional conflict, warriors like Salmon and Othniel can't see into the Hidden Realms where the gods are facing off, and can scarcely imagine the scope of this war.
    Publication DateDecember 1, 2017
    Primary CategoryFiction/Fantasy - Epic
    Publisher ImprintVirtual Pulp Press

    Gods & Proxies

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