Fires provide us with soothing warmth and an inviting ambiance, but getting burned isn't fun for anyone. The Good Directions Spark Screen comes in all sizes to fit your Good Directions fire pit and protect you and your friends and family from being singed by an escaping spark. Made from heavy-duty steel and coated in a black finish, this screen will serve to complement the look of your already gorgeous fire pit and act as a guardian between your outdoor gathering and the crackling flames that make the night come alive but can sting all the same. Choose from available sizes. Good Directions got its start by creating weathervanes and cupolas, but it has expanded its line to include a wide range of decorative yet functional products for the home and garden, including popular fire domes, rain chains, and garden weathervanes. The company continues to attract innovative artists and designers eager to lend their vision to the creation of exceptional products to enhance the home, both indoors and out. No matter which way the wind blows, you can count on Good Directions to show you the way to a beautiful home. (GD313-3)
  • Heavy-duty black steel fire pit spark screen
  • Fits Good Directions Fire Pit (sold separately)
  • 26-inch dimensions: 26 diam. x 13H inches
  • 30-inch dimensions: 30 diam. x 15H inches
  • 37-inch dimensions: 37 diam. x 17H inches
SizeLarge, 30 in.
Dimensions30 diam. x 15H in., 32 x 18 x 17 inches

Good Directions Spark Screen

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30 in.


Powder-Coated Steel

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