Item: Su8-Q34 Gemstone Charm Size: 40Mm X 40Mm Necklace Size: Adjustable, Shortest: 18 Inches, Longest: 24 Inches These Are Absolute Super Finders.
So Popular, Lucky And Eye Catching. These Necklaces Are Made From Natural Serpentine Gemstone, Which Brings This Piece Of Jewelry To Life And Creates Natural Good Luck Powers For Its Owner.
This Exact Necklace Comes With Adjustable Hand Knitted Satin Cord, Which Comes In Very . It May Be Adjusted To Whatever Size You Prefer, Which Gives Great Flexibility On How Long Or How Short You Want To Wear It. This Necklace Is Made From Natural Green Serpentine Gemstone And Comes As Very Cute Good Luck Charm. Chinese Has Been Known As One Of The Oldest Languages On The Planet. That Is Probably The Reason, Why Their Letters And Characters Do Not Look Any Closer To All Other Languages. Chinese Characters Are Holding A Real Meaning, Which Are Representing Some Of The Most Powerful Symbols For A Human Kind. This Symbol Is Really Old And Popular In China, And Used In Every Family To Bring Good Luck, Prosperity, Abundance And Miracles. So Hot!!! And Very Special Outlook. Good Luck Powers And Natural Forces Of Serpentine Gemstone Money And Wealth Serpentine Is The Stone Of Wealth. Provides Wisdom When Evaluating Issues Or Problems; And Brings Needed Energy, Which Is So Important In Managing The Business Or Just Making Money In General. Love Serpentine Has Been Treasured In China Since 2950 Bc, Where It Was Considered A Symbol Of Love. Serpentine Is A Stone Of The Heart. So, Of Course, It Can Attract And Enhance Love. Serpentine Increase A Persons Capacity For Giving And Receiving Love. It Manages Passionate Feelings. Serpentine Is Given By Lovers As A Statement Of Their Love And Devotion To Each Other. Serpentine Is Also A Stone Of Fidelity.
  • Best Amulets? Collection. Good Luck Talisman Lucky Charm Symbol Green Serpentine NecklaceGood Luck Talisman Lucky Charm Symbol Green Serpentine Pendant Necklace
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Good Luck Talisman Lucky Charm Symbol Green Serpentine Pendant Necklace

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