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This 2006 collection of rockabilly, early rock & roll, and other related teenage noises of the 1950s from the German Buffalo Bop label certainly lives up to the high standards they've set in the past. While the cover art for Got Troubles suggests this is going to be a celebration of the joys and terrors of juvenile delinquency, thematically it's more of a mixed bag, ranging from the woeful (and banjo-infused) shuffle of Bill Watkins' "I Got Troubles" to the party-time abandon depicted on Rand Parker's "Big Mary's House." While there are a few other cuts that follow in Watkins' downbeat path, most of this is good-time rock & roll from acts whose talent clearly outstripped their fame high points include "Red Blooded American Boy" from Don Woody, Chuck Goddard's cool and frantic "Living Myself to Death," the agreeably spooky "Twi-Light-Zone" by Johnny Wilson, Tony Cosmo's cogent analysis of hairstyles and attitudes "Pony Tail Annie and Crew Cut Joe," and "Twist and Freeze U.S.A.," in which Orlie and the Saints appear to be trying to fuse a certain Kennedy-era dance craze with some rockabilly-style shakin'. While these tunes were rescued from aging 45s, the sound quality is consistently strong on all 30 cuts, and though it's a shame there's no background information on the musicians, the label reproductions and publicity photos in the booklet are sure to please fans. Two-and-a-half-dozen rare and rollicking tunes on one disc, put together with care by people who know their stuff -- what's not to like? ~ Mark Deming
  • Got Troubles - Got Troubles [CD]
GenrePopular Music
Publication Date20060919
Publisher ImprintCity Hall Records

Got Troubles

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