Pet Edge has always lived up to its name by having an edge on the pet supply industry. Our mission is to continue finding better way to serve our client, and more innovative ways to foster creativity in the industry, until we stand alone as the best pet products. We are proud of our exciting, new pet product that is both functional and innovative.

Help your customers keep pets hydrated with the portable, spill-proof Guardian Gear Handi-Drink. Just squeeze the 17-oz bottle to fill the tray with water. Fully stocked Handi-Drink Display holds six dispensers: Assorted contains blue, green and pink; Multi contains fern, carrot, and slate

  • Patented rubber flow-control valve in the cap prevents leaks, spills, and backwash contamination
  • Easy-to-use, handheld design includes a plastic 17 oz water bottle, dispenser tray, and cover
  • Bottle folds into the tray for easy portability
  • 6 Piece
  • Slide latch down to release and remove bottle from dispensing tray
  • Remove carrying strap from bottle and attach it to the end of the tray
  • Fill bottle with fresh water and screw cap down tightly
  • To dispense, inset bottle tip down into socket end of tray
  • Pull bottle upright and lock into place
  • Hold bottle and squeeze to dispense water as dog drinks Do not fill tray or place on ground Flow valve will open and close automatically to prevent spillage, waste, and backwash
  • To carry, pull up on bottle to unsnap from socket
  • Replace bottle into tray and slide latch up to secure for transport
  • Use carrying strap or convenient belt clip for easy portability
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Plastic
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    Guardian Gear Handi Drink Displays, Multicolor - 6 Piece (Pack of 6)

    Pet Edge

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