HQRP Solar Charge Controllers are high quality, efficient and reliable Solar Power Regulators. They are perfect for rural electrification system. They offer a lot of possibilities and benefits. Float Charging Voltage: 13.8 Volt; Low voltage Disconnect: 11.1V Volts; Low voltage Reconnect: 12.6 Volts; Max. battery voltage: 32V; Adopt graphics dot-matrix LCD screen and HMI (human-machine interface) with 4 buttons, integrated menu displaying and operation; 32 bit MCU with high speed; 12 bit A/D high-precision sampling to ensure accuracy; Excellent EMC design; High efficient Series PWM charging; Use MOSFET as electronic switch; Widely used, automatically recognize day/night; Humanized design of browser interface, undertake every operating conveniently; Full control parameters setting and modification, diversified load control mode; Gel, Sealed and Flooded battery type option; Adopt temperature compensation, correction algorithm for charging and discharging parameters automatically.

Solar Controller supports up to 300W of 12V Solar panels and up to 600W of 24V Solar panels. For 12V solar panels, please, use battery and load for 12V solar systems (For 24V solar panels, please, use battery and load for 24V solar systems).

HQRP UV Chain / UV Tester: To know the Solar UV Index, it is enough to compare the colorchange with the 4 standard c

HQRP UV Meter: This meter shows you the level of UV and helps you protect your eyes and skin from negative sunlight effect. The color of the meter changes from very light purple to dark purple depending on the intensity of the UV lighting. The darker the purple color is, the more intense is the UV lighing.

  • HQRP® Solar Charge Controller plus HQRP® UV Meter;
  • Float Charging Voltage: 13.8 Volt; Low voltage disconnect: 11.1 Volt; Low voltage Reconnect: 12.6 Volt; Max. battery voltage: 32V;
  • Working temperature: -20C to +55C; Self-consumption: 6mA maximum; Terminals: for wire sizes to 6mm2; Communication: TTL232 / 8pin RJ45;
  • Electronic protections: Overheating, Over discharging, Over charging, Load overload, Load short circuit, PV reverse polarity, Battery reverse polarity.
  • Type of Charging: series PWM. 200 days warranty!

HQRP 12V / 24V 20 Amp Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller / Regulator 20A for Solar Traffic System 300W / 600W with Automatically Recognize Day / Night plus HQRP UV Meter


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