HQRP 4-Pack 6" Replacement Fan Blades Counterclockwise CCW 1/8" D Center Hole.

Compatible with: Pre ‘95 Jensen 12-v Powered Roof Vent and Pre ‘95 Jensen Powered Range Hood or any motor with a D-shaped shaft of 1/8"diameter, with a counterclockwise rotation.

  • HQRP® 4pcs Fan Blades plus HQRP® UV Meter;
  • Diameter: 6"; 6 Blade; Color: White; Impact-Resistant Plastic;
  • Rotation: Counterclockwise CCW;
  • 1/8" D Center Hole (0.125" D Bore);
  • 1 Year warranty!

HQRP 6" Fan Blades 1/8" D-Bore Replacement for Jensen 12V Roof Vents / Range Hoods plus HQRP UV Meter (Pack of 4)


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