HQRP Small foam sleeve is designed for use with Shop-Vac HangUp, HangUp Pro and Bulldog Auto/Garage Vacs. Filter fits Shop-Vac 1-4 gallon wet dry vacuums, 5 gallon portable model H87S, 5 gallon HangUp, 5 gallon Wall Mount and 6 gallon long life model P12S vacuums. Use the Foam Sleeve for picking up wet spills and messes. The Foam Sleeve is also required unless you are using a cartridge filter.

Compatible with: Shop-Vac Foam Filter Sleeve Part # 9052600 / 905-26-00 / 90526 Type CC

Shop-Vac H87S550A / 5872410, H87S650C, H87S450 / 5872400, E87S450 / 5870400, QPMH450, QPMH500, QPSH300, QPSH400, QSH30, QSH35, QMH45A Wet / Dry Vacuums.


    HQRP Foam Filter Sleeve for Shop-Vac P12S, H87S, E87S, QPSH, QPMH, QMH, QSH series Wet / Dry Vacuum + HQRP Coaster (Pack of 4)


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