Habitrail Ovo Tree House for Hamsters Habitrail OVO has created chewable interactive toys for your hamsters, designed to fit the various Habitats or AddOn items. These unique Chewable Mazes are great for providing your hamster with an interactive toy. These Chewable Mazes have precut slots to hold the food or treats in place. Your hamster will have hours of foraging fun chewing away at the maze in search of the food or treats. These Chewable Mazes help to satisfy your hamster's natural chewing instinct, while providing exercise and may help to alleviate boredom. Every kid wants a Tree Housemdash;and hamsters are no different Watch your hamster climb up and hide his treats so no one else can find them.
  • Chewable interactive toys
  • Designed to fit the various Habitats or Add-On items
  • Great for your hamster
Dimensions18 x 10 x 1.2 inches

Habitrail Ovo Tree House For Hamsters

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