HAMMERITE RUST CAP SMOOTH ENAMEL FINISH is a self-priming, rust preventive coating designed to provide long-lasting metal protection. It provides a decorative finish that resists corrosion and the damaging effects from moisture and severe weather, and is formulated for interior and exterior use. Highlights:- Size: 12 Oz. Color: Flat Black Self priming, quick dry enamel Encapsulates rust No primer needed, paint right over rust With Glassguard for maximum protection. Home, auto, farm, marine, property maintenance One step and the rust is history Dry time to touch 30 minutes, recoats should be applied within 4 hours Smooth finish Where to Use:- For use on metal substrates Can be applied directly over firm, rusty surfaces For previously painted surfaces, apply HAMMERITE RUST CAP SMOOTH ENAMEL FINISH to a small area first to check adhesion and test for lifting or cracking Surface Preparation:- Prepare surface by removing dirt, grease, wax, moisture, rust, loose paint and any other contamination that can affect the coating's adhesion. If washing is necessary, use a non-soapy detergent or TSP substitute. Rinse well and allow to dry Scrape off loose paint and rust with a wire brush Scuff sand rusted, glossy or hard surfaces Application:- Eye protection is recommended Do not thin Use in a well-ventilated area when temperature is between 60°F and 80°F and humidity is below 60% to ensure proper drying Mix paint thoroughly before and during application Always maintain a wet edge, but avoid over-brushing and/or rolling Apply 2 or more coats as needed to achieve the 4 mil dry film thickness Recoat after the first coat has dried to the touch (30-45 minutes) Use a high quality ¼” nap Mohair cover on smooth surfaces. A quality synthetic bristle brush can also be used Airless Spray: Use .017-.021 tip size at approximately 1800-2600 psi Conventional Spray: Use 70-80 thousandths tip size, pot pressure 15-20 psi and a
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Dimensions5.5 x 8.3 x 8.3 inches

Hammerite Rust Cap 42235 Interior/Exterior Spray Paint, 12 Oz, Flat Black

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