• Handcrafted Tropical Fish Bones Skeleton Haitian Metal Wall Art Decor Yellow
  • Measures: 20" x 5"
Must have for tropical fish lovers and collectors.Simply using a chisel and a hammer, Haitian crafters create these beautiful works of art!Our metal tropical wall decorations from Haiti are perfect for decorating inside or outside! Hang them in children's rooms, bathrooms, poolside, sun room or tiki bar. Each piece has a hook on the back for hanging. Individual pieces may vary slightly, due to the hand crafting and hand painting that goes in to each piece of fishbone Caribbean art. The bright colors of these wall hangings will certainly bring with them a little bit of the tropical Caribbean flair and style to your home decor. Very attractive and cheerful.
  • Coastal Nautical

Handcrafted Fishbones Skeleton Haitian Metal Art Yellow 20 inch

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