Known for her speed and elegance, the legend of the Atlantic comes home with this model. Enchantingly bottled, a nautical legacy of its own right, this sleek yacht is a dashing representation and excellently crafted reminder of a sea faring champion.

  • Arrives fully assembled with all sails mounted - This is not a ship in a bottle kit!
  • Real glass bottle with a classic style
  • Handcrafted wooden hull and masts
  • Nine hand-sewn white cloth sails
  • Proudly displays the American flag
  • Cork stopper and melted wax with an anchor impression seal the bottle
  • Metal nameplate on wooden base identifies the ship as "Atlantic"
  • Size – 7 in.
  • Dimension - 7 L x 3.5 W x 4 H in.
    ColorAs Shown

    Handcrafted Model Ships Atlantic-B Atlantic Sailboat In A Glass Bottle - 7 in.

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