This Hawkeye 1.6 Gallon Clear Fish Bowl is ideal for your favorite pet or for homemade crafts. It is made of sturdy, shatterproof plastic. The 1.6-gallon bowl can be used to make a habitat with plenty of room for a betta. Since it is not crafted of glass, it's lightweight and easy to move around. This aquarium fish bowl is completely see-through for panoramic viewing from many angles. There are many other uses for this container, such as creating beautiful centerpieces for weddings or an everyday dining table. Pair with faux florals, beads and stones to match modern decor schemes. It could also be used to hold toys or art supplies since the non-breakable design is child-friendly. Whether it's an aquarium or potpourri holder, this multi-functional pedestal fish bowl is a versatile addition to your home.
  • Fill with fresh flowers, silk flowers, potpourri, or decorative marbles
  • Ideal for home decor, weddings, crafting and centerpieces
  • Crystal clear clarity so good people think it is glass
  • Made of break-resistant plastic

Hawkeye 1.6-Gallon Fish Bowl with Pedestal, Break-Resistant Plastic 9" Diameter x 9.5" High


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