Higher Education as Ignorance is a perspective not solely of education, but rather a cultural analysis based on the Mexican American. This book looks at the consequences of an Anglo Pedagogy and the clash it imposes on Mexicans who are from the U.S. and hence an American-born population, but are of a different race, culture, and mindset, and still living in Northern Mexico. This book compares and contrasts White and Mexican customs as a parallel story of how the home education of centuries based from a rancho culture is forcefully imposed by utilizing the cultural elements dear to a Mexican such as a mother, food, language, and history. All done in the name of education, but whose culture and edification is being progressed and digressed. The volume does not solely vilify Anglo hegemony, but also it examines the great divide that exists among Mexican Americans and Mexican immigrants that hunger for some form of advancement, are allowed to do so, and then critique America's Mexicans as if they are to blame alone for their misfortune. Also, a critique of gender and the amalgamation of Latinos is included because for Mexican Americans who are desert U.S. born people to be merged and blended with new immigrants from Central, South America, and the Caribbeans demonstrates the racism visible in society. To piece a U.S. born population albeit desert brown with newcomers from other countries simply because they "look" the same is another indication of ignorance and blatant racism (that somebody like Julian Camacho even though born in California is still somehow related to people he has never met reveals the truth.) An unwanted population within the U.S.!
  • ISBN13: 9780761840268
  • Publisher: Hamilton Books
  • Pubilcation Year: 2008
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00112
Publication DateJune 4, 2008
Primary CategorySocial Science/Ethnic Studies - Hispanic American Studies

Higher Education as Ignorance: The Contempt of Mexicans in the American Educational System

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