The woodcarver Master Tuttifant has a fast order to fill for Master Punoni, who would like to present a Christmas show with a full cast of new wooden puppets. While working, Master Tuttifant, lost in thought, converses with the wooden Kasper puppet, on whom he is putting the finishing touches. Suddenly, the puppet replies to him. A miracle has occurred, and Kasper has become a living being. Full of joy, Master Tuttifant calls his new little son Tuttifaentchen. So the fairy tale begins, and the avid puppeteer Paul Hindemith set it to delightful music in 1921. He wrote this work for a small chamber orchestra and designed the vocal parts so that good actors would also be able to sing them. Although the action does not treat the Christmas story itself, Hindemith linked it to elements of this Christian feast by framing the plot with two Christmas songs of folk character. Sampling a modern genre, he also has the puppets dance a foxtrot. Until now only the orchestral suite has been known; now you can get to know the complete work on cpo!
  • Paul Hindemith - Paul Hindemith: Tuttif Ntchen [CD]
  • CPO
  • Music
GenreClassical Music
Publication Date20131119
Publisher ImprintNaxos of America Inc.


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