This exhaustive work covers the geography, history and people of Norway and the various stages of Norwegian immigration to America. It also discusses education, religion, social and political aspects, industry, language and culture. Scores of maps and tables illustrate immigration statistics and compare Norwegian movement and settlement to that of other groups, including the English, Celts, Dutch, French, Germans, Swedes, Danes, Icelanders, Finns and others. Numerous photographs of prominent Norwegian Americans, as well as churches and educational institutions make this work a monument to the enterprising spirit of Norwegian pioneers to the New World. The Norwegians have been in America since 876 A.D. A large part of the book concerns the period from 1825 to 1860, when much of the Norwegian immigration took place. In 1825 the first Norwegian emigrant boat to America, the Restaurationen, set sail with fifty-three passengers. A complete list of these passengers is included. By 1860, Norwegians were well established in the United States and Canada, with an additional 300,000 immigrating between 1860 and 1890. Demographic tables show emigration numbers by Norwegian county, population by states, distribution of settlements, largest Norwegian counties in 1890, etc. Immigration continued between 1890 and 1925, paralleling the growth of prosperity, industry and railroads. The corresponding section of the text covers Norwegian American occupations, publications, culture, inventions, sports and public service. A 1926 supplement contains additions and corrections.
  • Genre: Social Sciences
  • Pages: 604
  • Author: Olaf Morgan Norlie
  • ISBN: 0788412787
  • Publisher: Heritage Books, Inc. MD
Publication DateJuly 1, 2013
Primary CategoryHistory/Europe - Scandinavia

History of the Norwegian People in North America

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