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With exclusive patented technology, high-temperature and high-pressure handheld steam is used for deep clearing away the dirts and stains on the floor boards, doors, windows and clothes; The steam cleaner also can be used for killing bacteria on surfaces, removing dusts and bacteria, and it is an environment-friendly and sanitary product.
100% Brand new and high quality.
Automatic control of heating, able to generate steam continuously and continuous cleaning is easy.
High-temperature and high-pressure steam can clean and disinfect most of the surface and deodorize.
With pure high-pressure water steam used, no chemical agents are added, very environment-friendly.
Multi purpose steamer with 9 different functional accessories for cleaning, killing bacteria, removing clothing wrinkles.
Higher Safety with over heated protection.
Supplied With 3-pin power plug.
Durable boiler body with extra-thick inner wall.
Energy-Saving and Easy To Use.
Disinfection and sterilization
Cleaning the clothes
Cleaning doors and windows
Cleaning the floor boards
Brand: Homgeek
Color: Yellow
Material: PP + Aluminum Alloy
Plug Type: US Plug
Rating Of Power Supply:US Plug AC 110-120V/60Hz, With Earthed Jack, And Allowed Current Is Greater Than 5A
Warm Up Time: 4 Minutes
Tank Capacity: 350ml
Max. Capacity of water cup: 250ml
Rated Power: 900-1050W
Steam Pressure: 3bar
Injected Steam Capacity: 28g/Min
Temperature Controller Functioning Temperature: 135℃ / 275℉
Fuser Functioning Temperature: 167℃ / 332.6℉
Power Cord Length: 10Ft
Item Size: 11 * 5.5 * 8.3in (L×W×H)
Item Weight: 58.2oz
Package Size: 10.0 * 5.5 * 9.4in (L×W×H)
Package Weight: 64.9oz
1. Please Read The User Manual Thoroughly Before Use.
2. Please Retain The Instructions For Future Reference.
Package List:
1 * Steam Cleaner
1 * Extended Connecting Spray Cup
1 * Towel Sleeve
1 * Long Spray Cup
1 * Funnel
1 * General Spray Nozzle
1 * Bent spray Cup
1 * Measuring Cup
1 * Spray Cup for Door/Window
1 * Round Brush Nozzle
1 * User Manual

    Homgeek Portable Multifunction HTHP Steamer Household Steam Cleaner Vapor Cleaner 1050W with 9 Attachments 110-120V/60Hz


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