Customize your ride with the Honda Steering Wheel Cover. It's made of a soft yet rugged PU synthetic leather with a non-slip rubber backing. In addition, the 13.5"-14.5" Honda steering cover has double stitching for added resistance to tears. This accessory adds character while providing an additional layer of comfort. It protects your hands from extreme weather changes associated with a hot summer day and cold winter night. It also allows you to achieve a secure grip for enhanced control. The Honda Steering Wheel Cover shields your steering wheel, preventing excessive wear and tear. It's odorless out of the package and features the official Honda logo.
  • 100 percent odorless
  • Fits 13.5"-14.5" steering
  • Protect your steering wheel and your hands from the heat of the sun while driving in style

Honda Steering Wheel Cover Carbon Fiber and Synthetic Leather Grip, Black, 13.5"-14.5"


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