A crackling new novel from the author of the bestselling Corps series. From the Brotherhood of War novels to the saga of The Corps, W. E. B. Griffin's rich characters and special flair for the military heart and mind have made him one of America's most popular novelists. It is fall 1942. First Lieutenant Cletus Frade, a Spanish-speaking Marine aviator ace fresh from Guadalcanal, is suddenly called to a meeting with a Colonel Graham. Shortly thereafter, so too are Army demolitions expert and parachutist Second Lieutenant Anthony Pelosi, and Army Staff Sergeant and multilingual Counterintelligence Corps special agent David Ettinger, a communications expert who has already escaped from German hands in Europe. The three are about to become a team, but in an operation unlike any they have ever known before. For the mysterious Colonel Graham is in the OSS, their new mission is to sabotage by any means necessary the resupply of German ships and submarines, and their destination is not just anywhere, but Buenos Aires. In 1942, supposedly neutral Buenos Aires puts Casablanca and Lisbon to shame - a lethal mixture of German and American agents, Axis and Allied sympathizers, and ruthless internal security officers. If the three soldiers are to succeed in such a place, they will have to be not only very good - but very lucky. Written with all the energy and expertise that have driven Griffin's previous novels, filled with crackling realism, drama, and real heroes, Honor Bound is a captivating novel of valor and adventure, sure to please old fans and new.
  • ISBN13: 9780515114867
  • Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
  • Pubilcation Year: 1994
  • Format: Mass Market Paperbound
  • Pages: 00560
FormatMass Market Paperback
SeriesHonor Bound
Series Volume Number1
Publication DateNovember 1, 1994

Honor Bound

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