Trailer Brake Control Impulse Electronic Brake Control; Time Based Actuation; Digital Display; 2-6 Trailer Brakes; Short Proof; Electric Over Hydraulic Compatible; Lifetime Warranty; FEATURES: Time-Based Braking Mounts At Any Angle Percentage Of Braking Power Shown Plug In Simple Feature Intuitive Vertical Manual Slide Short Proof Protected Controls Up To 6 Trailer Brakes Limited Lifetime Warranty The 47235 brake control utilizes time based actuation for applying braking power to the trailer brakes. The built-in digital display makes it easy for setting braking intensity. The braking force to the trailer can easily be adjusted from 5% to 99% for setting the exact percentage of brake power desired. Most states and provinces require a trailer brake controller based on the weight of the trailer. Hopkins is a leader in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of quality, innovative towing and vehicle accessories for the automotive do-it-yourselfer, installer, recreational, agricultural and commercial user. Product solutions offered include: Towing electrical and RV levels; snow and ice tools; vehicle cleaning tools; DIY oil change and fluid maintenance tools; automotive air fresheners; vehicle organization and mobile accessory products; automotive protection products including seat covers, steering wheel covers, floor mats, and sun shades; and tire safety solutions. Hopkins strives to make the consumer experience simpler and more rewarding through innovation and value. We follow a consistent philosophy, including: leveraging consumer insights to drive product innovation, delivering end-user value through efficient manufacturing strategies, maintaining rigorous quality control measures ensuring peak product performance and providing premium consumer support through a dedicated team of support specialists and mobile/on-line resources.
  • Time based
  • Compatible with Electric/Hydraulic trailer brakes
  • Intuitive, vertical manual slide
Dimensions6.9 x 5.9 x 2.6 inches

Hopkins Towing Solution 47235 Impulse Electronic Brake Control

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