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uro Mari i, for more than seventy years, is friends of children, nature, and animals. He loves and adores them. He's a great friend. He writes poems and stories for children. He knows very well the lives of children, their games and pranks in the family, school, and on the street. He observes first children's charity. When he is with them, the child becomes a poet. Humor is present in many Chuck songs. He feels that laughter is a cure! uro has written more than seven hundred songs for kids. Renowned Croatian writer, Tito Bilopavlovi, edited the journal for kids, SMIB, which is intended for children of lower ages, for fifteen years. In the book How Grow Children, Tito chose twenty-eight of uro's anthology poems. The famous poet Luko Paljetak of Croatian Academy wrote a review, a recommendation for the publication of this beautiful collection of songs. The song "The First-Grade Duckling" entered the readers in the first grade, in Croatia, secret letters, whose authors are Jadranka Zloki and Terezija Brali . It is on the first page. Some of these songs are also readers in the lower grades of primary school in Serbia. These poems have been published in magazines for children in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Interestingly enough, the only one of the songs, "Menagerie," did uro install as thirteen animals. In other songs, besides the children and their mischief, are dogs, cats, chicken, butterfly, small kangaroo, sparrow, centipede, giraffe, rabbit, rooster, fox, and bear. There are also doll, dad, mom, and captain of the ship. Nature is present in many poems of this book. There are seasons: spring, summer and harvest, sunflowers, autumn and quince, winter and frost. Reading these poems is the ultimate pleasure for children, but adults also like to read them and remember. Do not forget them; they often come back and read it again."
  • ISBN13: 9781481776059
  • Publisher: Authorhouse
  • Pubilcation Year: 2013
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00086
Publication DateJuly 26, 2013
Primary CategoryNature/General

How Children Grow

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