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The winners in life are usually those who have accumulated the most "NOs." Salespeople, actors and writers know rejection well. Reaction to rejection is a learning tool as well as barometer of passion for the true intention of those who strive to higher levels of achievement. It can also be an invisible success killer. It's like a virus, which doesn't announce its presence until the patient is almost dead. The success killer for most people is their unknown sub-conscious fear of being rejected. We can all recall that time when we felt publicly humiliated, that time when our failure was there for the world, and worse, for those close to us, to see. Doing little or nothing, keeping your head down, not rising to any occasion that has a potential for public failure is the hidden and insidious success killer. The realization of this unknown fear can actually propel some people to begin to overcome these fears immediately. This book shows the reader through technique and inspiration how to rise above mediocre circumstances to levels of personal power not realized before. Author, Tom Justin gave the same titled seminar for over 15 years before he wrote the book. But unlike his seminar, the book is filled with how-tos and inspiration. Here is just some of what is featured in this treasure trove: *How you can become a master problem solver using this technique * How you can move through any rejection or disappointment quickly and easily * 5 Danger signs that can keep you in stress and failure AND how to avoid them * How to take total and complete control of your life - seriously! You'll be surprised to see what real control really means * 3 Ways you can increase your ratio of positive results through all rejections *"Energy is the currency of the universe." Learn how to tap into your own personal energy bank account ...and much more. Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series said of this book: "If rejection is like a disease, creeping up, then overcoming us and stopping us cold, then Tom Justin is the 'Jonas Salk' of rejection. His How To Take NO For An Answer And Still Succeed program is the perfect vaccine for every kind of rejection life can throw at us." Most of all this book will prove to you that failure isn't the problem, quitting is.
  • Genre: Medicine
  • Pages: 130
  • Author: Tom Justin
  • ISBN: 0963040189
  • Publisher: Command Press
SeriesHopelessly Human Nurse
Publication DateSeptember 27, 2006
Primary CategorySelf-Help/Personal Growth - Success

How to Take No for an Answer and Still Succeed: How to Turn Everyday Rejections Into Profit & Abundance

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