ONLY FITS - Vehicles with 65.1mm hub
ONLY FITS - Wheels with 72.6mm centerbore
This item will allow you to truly center the wheel onto your vehicle's hub by filling the gap between the wheel's centerbore and your vehicle's hub.
Important Notes
- If you are not sure the hub size of your vehicle, please message us and we can get you the parts you need
- Please verify the measurement of your wheel and vehicle's hub bore before purchasing
  • [QUALITY] Authentic Precision European Motorwerk Hub Centric Rings made of corrosion resistant polycarbonate plastic
  • [FITMENT] It is important to measure your vehicle's hub and your wheel's centerbore to ensure that you are ordering the correct sizes. See description for more information.
  • [HUB RING INNER DIAMETER] 65.1mm (Vehicle Hub needs be this Size)
  • [HUB RING OUTER DIAMETER] 72.6mm (Wheel Center Bore needs to be this Size)
  • [BENEFITS] Eliminate vibrations caused by your wheels not centering correctly onto your vehicle's hub. Easy to Install.

Hubcentric Rings (Pack of 4) - 65.1mm ID to 72.6mm OD - Black Poly Carbon Plastic Hubrings Hub - Only Works on 65.1mm Vehicle Hubs & (72.6mm Wheel Centerbore

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