This book was written for the scores of single-never-been-married women who are desperately seeking marriage. Are they aware of what being a man's wife really means? Are they prepared for a husband? If they knew what it really meant to be a wife, would they still want it? This book will advise single women on how to answer these questions for themselves. Excerpt: Taken from Section4 Little things - No one sets out in marriage contemplating a divorce. But, what if you did? Not in a morbid sort of way where you're setting yourself up with a death wish (speaking to the death of a marriage) but, in a realistic way of thinking of an 'every' case scenario. Ask yourself, "How would this man treat me during a divorce?" This is something most people don't consider. And when the person you were supposed to love forever turns into public enemy number one, it's difficult to process. When the man who was supposed to honor and cherish you is not only not wishing you well but is doing everything within his power to bring you down, it's enough to literally change your outlook on life, love, and relationships. You lose faith in romance and commitment. Say you pledged yourlife to a man who seems to be out to get you. The word "committed" will take on a whole new meaning-complete with straitjacket. When you're romantically involved in the beginning and still feeling the fluttering wings of butterflies in your stomach you would never guess that this same person would later call you out of your name, disrespect you in ways you would never imagine, plot against you, and sometimes even strike you. If you pay attention, there are always signs early on...
  • ISBN13: 9780974738802
  • Publisher: Top Shelf Publishing Group
  • Pubilcation Year: 2010
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00090
Publication DateFebruary 9, 2010
Primary CategoryFamily & Relationships/Marriage & Long Term Relationships

I Wouldn't Mind Having a Husband, I Just Don't Want to Be Somebody's Wife: The Single Woman's Guide to Self-Fulfillment

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