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Honda: 30510-Mw0-003 30510Kt7003 30510Kt7013 30510Kt7023
Kawasaki: 211211185 211211201 211211202 211211241 211211242 21121-1267 21121-1268 21121-1271 21121-1277 21121-1280
Item Description: Ignition Coil
Unit Type: Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha
Voltage: 12
Specifications: Hilevel Ignition Coil

Honda Motorcycles Vt750cd Shadow 745Cc 1998-2001
Honda Motorcycles Vt750cd Shadow Ace Deluxe 745Cc 2002-2003
Honda Motorcycles Vt750cd2 Shadow Deluxe 745Cc 1998-2001
Honda Motorcycles Vt750cs, -Cse Shadow Aero 745Cc 2013-2015
Honda Motorcycles Vt750dc Shadow Spirit 745Cc 2001-2007
Honda Motorcycles Vt750rs Shadow Rs 745Cc 2010-2013
Honda Motorcycles Vt750s Shadow 745Cc 2013
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1300c 1312Cc 2004-2009
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1300r 1312Cc 2005-2009
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1300s 1312Cc 2003-2007
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1300t 1312Cc 2008-2009
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1800c 1795Cc 2002-2004
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1800c1 1795Cc 2005-2008
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1800c2 1795Cc 2005-2006
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1800c3 1795Cc 2005-2006
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1800f1 1795Cc 2005-2008
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1800f2 1795Cc 2005-2007
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1800f3 1795Cc 2005-2008
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1800n1 1795Cc 2004-2008
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1800n2 1795Cc 2004-2007
Honda Motorcycles Vtx1800n3 1795Cc 2004-2008

  • Made with the Highest Quality Components Available
  • Meets or Exceeds Original Specifications
  • Computer tested for consistent Quality and unsurpassed reliability

IGNITION COIL FITS HONDA VT750 SHADOW 30510KT7003 30510KT7013 30510-MW0-003

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