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The Invertabelt was designed by physical therapists to solve a specific problem – back pain. Its original intent was to bridge the treatment gap that exists for patients between subsequent treatment sessions by providing mobilization, overpressure, and traction to specifically targeted spinal segments. Now clinical quality manual therapy techniques can be provided multiple times a day versus two to three times a week in the convenience of your home!
The Invertabelt Program provides exercise progressions that follow best practice guidelines and evidence based research. The Invertabelt is appropriate for patients in acute, sub acute, and chronic pain. Treatments are easily adapted as the patient progresses to sub acute and chronic phases of the healing cycle. As the patient progresses, treatment duration, intensity and goals change; therefore, the multifaceted nature of the Invertabelt offers endless exercise options for each patient. The Invertabelt offers posture support at the targeted spinal segments for continued pain management. The versatility of The Invertabelt Posture Support System is the ONLY solution for your back pain problem! Support belts like Comfy Med and other lower back belts or braces, as well as topical solutions like Penetrex do not address the core issue of your problem. You need to train and strengthen your back!
With 75% of all low back pain patients demonstrating directional preference, the Invertabelt offers solutions for lateral shifts, flexion, and extension based treatment patterns. As the patient progresses, the Invertabelt provides lower extremity stretching techniques, and important core stabilization exercises.
  • FDA REGISTERED: Our patented product is FDA registered and the only one of its kind supported by evidence-based research and treatment protocols that follow best practice guidelines, tried and tested by the McKenzie Treatment Approach. Take control of your back pain and be free from pain with over 50+ exercises without the expensive co-pays of chiropractors and physical therapists. An e-Book is included with every purchase.
  • EFFECTIVE AND LASTING BACK PAIN RELIEF: Invertabelt is effective in giving the individual low back pain relief by ensuring that end Range Of Motion (ROM) is achieved during every exercise repetition providing the best potential for a successful treatment with permanent results. Unlike products that only give temporary relief like back braces, back pain belts and back support belts, Invertabelt targets and fixes the core issue of your pain!
  • MULTIPLE TREATMENTS WITH ONE PRODUCT: Developed by experienced and licensed physical therapists, the Invertabelt works in the treatment of, and gives relief to the following symptoms: Chronic low back pain, Sciatica, Muscle strain/pain, Weakness, Low Back Stiffness, Arthritis, Pinched Nerve, Buttocks Pain, Leg Pain. The one and only, effective back therapy equipment for true natural treatment and prevention of back pain.
  • CONVENIENT AND SAFE: The Invertabelt System is the first and only self application tool that allows users to apply clinical quality treatment techniques in the convenience of their homes to treat low back pain! The product is fully functional, easy to use, and its small size makes it easy to bring along when you travel. Better yet, the entire product is machine washable, and its easy grip handles make movements a breeze.
  • Use our product, be free from pain, and get your life back! Our users agree that the Invertabelt is a five star physical therapy device that is an absolute miracle in treating back pain!

INVERTABELT - The Complete Back Pain Relief Product for Low Back Pain Treatment, Lumbar Strengthening, Sciatica Relief, Rehabilitation of the Spine, Posture Corrector, and General Physical Therapy

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