(4) ITP SD Beadlock Machined/Matte Black ATV Wheels Front/Rear 14x7 4/156 - (4+3) [14SDS13BX] + (2) Gorilla Silverback (6ply) ATV Tires [30x9-14] + (2) Gorilla Silverback (6ply) ATV Tires [30x11-14] + (1) Chrome Lug Kit & Valve Stems - 3/8" x 24 [Beveled] + (4) Tires Mount on ATV Beadlock Wheels. These wheels will fit various Polaris machines (RZR, RZR S, RZR XP 900, Ranger 400-800, 2015-2016 Ranger 570 (Midsize), Sportsman ACE, Sportsman NON XP etc.). This kit will NOT work on the Polaris Ranger XP 900, 2013-2016 RZR 900, 2015-2016 RZR 900 S, 2015-2016 RZR 900 XC, 2015-2016 Ranger 570 Fullsize/Crew, 2016 Ranger 570 XP & RZR XP 1000 EPS (different lug nuts), please see our other listings for that machine. Tire clearance varies by specific machine. Most machines can go at least 1" larger on the tire diameter.
All of the wheels we sell include center caps (except MSA FI and F2 Forged wheels which include name plates). When you buy a set of 4 wheels OR 4 wheels & tires from us we include a Chrome Lug Kit at no additional charge ($20 Savings). Beware of other companies that do not include lug nuts & valve stems with their wheel sale, some wheels require a special type of lug nut to fit into the wheel and your stock lug nuts may not work. We stock the majority of what we sell to ensure you get a great price and your order is shipped in a timely fashion. We ship all orders within 1 business day. If you are interested in a mounted setup and don't see what you are looking for on our store please let us know. We can always package any tire we offer on any wheel we offer and they will come to your door mounted and ready to bolt on to your machine.

    ITP SD Beadlock 14" Wheels 30" Silverback Tires Sportsman RZR Ranger


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