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THE readers of this book will hardly realize the time and expense that it has cost me to gather together and set in order the facts contained in this book. But it has been a labor of love. It has enabled me to live over again those heavenly times at Douglas, and has been a love feast to my soul, as I have no doubt it will be to many. Others might have done better, but I have done what I could to immortalize the memory of those glorious sermons, testimonies, songs, and services at Douglas Camp Meeting for the past fifteen years; also to keep up the memory of the dear ministers and their sermons, who have crossed the flood, such as B. W. Gorham, F. B. Joy, and F. B. Dickinson. Dr. E. M. Levy has kindly written the introduction, and otherwise helped me very much. Dea. Morse and Bros. McDonald and Gill have been very kind and helpful. Many thanks to them all. I send forth this book in honor of my faithful wife, who helped me much during my fifteen years in the ministry, and has been equally faithful during my eighteen years in the work of an evangelist. Read this book with prayer for the author and for yourself, and God will make it a blessing.



    Publication DateOctober 30, 2017
    Primary CategoryReligion/Christianity - History - General
    Publisher ImprintFirst Fruits Press

    Illustrated History of Douglas Camp Meeting

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