This cast iron heat diffuser from Ilsa eliminates the need to mix foods while cooking because it distributes the heat in a uniform and constant manner. When in use, foods neither burn nor stick, retaining all their vitamin, mineral and protein properties. This diffuser preserves the beautiful sparkle and shine of your pots and pans by preventing external blackening caused by open flame. Suitable for all types of pots and pans, and fitting all burners, this diffuser is ideal for use with pans lacking a double radiant bottom. Included with the diffuser is a convenient detachable handle for added convenience.

6-3/4" diameter

  • Cast iron
  • Protects cookware
  • Enables even cooking
  • Removable handle
  • Wipe clean when necessary
ColorAs Shown
Cookware MaterialCast Iron

Ilsa Cast Iron 7 Inch Stovetop Heat Diffuser with Removable Handle


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