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The globalization of the cultures and religions of India and the United States, combined with the spirituality of Hawaii, creates a universally enriching experience in the moving novel "In pursuit of love, spirituality and happiness." Jonathan, a handsome young American man born in a very rich, powerful, political, glamorous and conglomerate family who was tormented by his father's corrupt nature and ethical quandary in business had to choose between his quests of love for Oliana, a full-blooded Hawaiian beauty who evokes all the images that he's constructed about ancient Hawaii and whose sculptured face etched forever in his memory, and his loyalty to his parents. The choice that took him across and beyond, the choice that made him to do ultimate sacrifice, brought him the happiness in his life. The story conveys the message in the light of current events that even though he had plenty of money, status in the society he was never happy; happiness came to him through true love, sacrifice and his ethical conviction and spiritualism.

The novel captures the essence of true love between two people, their conflicts and astonishing & amazing romances and the relentless pull of day to day problem living in a corrupt situation and facing the reality. Jonathan from USA and Oliana from Hawaii came from very opposite backgrounds but they seek deeper meaning of life and happiness through love and spiritualism as their basic fulfillment.

  • ISBN13: 9781503542044
  • Publisher: Xlibris
  • Pubilcation Year: 2015
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 00206
Publication DateApril 10, 2015
Primary CategoryFiction/Romance - Contemporary

In Pursuit of Love, Spirituality, and Happiness

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