incarnaTe - How We Know That Jesus is God and Man/Top 10 Reasons seeks to show that Jesus of Nazareth can be understood only as the human locus of the Divine. Today not just skeptics but many theologians have rejected the traditional affirmation that Jesus is God and man. Yet neither group is aware of the infrastructure of hard facts that testifies to the truth of divine incarnation. The insight that Jesus is God incarnate imposes itself on the human mind once it considers the various phenomena explored here. Once the dots are connected, we cannot but see the picture. But we cannot see the picture if we ignore the relevant dots. You have the see the trees to see the forest! All applicable evidence - the world religions, world history, Jewish history, the experience of Christians through the centuries, the Gospel narratives, the practice of the first Christian communities, the logical coherence of saying that a certain Person is both divine and human - must be submitted and studied as one whole.
    Publication DateDecember 6, 2016
    Primary CategoryReligion/Christianity - General


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