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Do you wish you could get more people to say "yes" to you? We live in a high-saturation world which is so overstimulating that people are overwhelmed, skeptical and cynical and our default answer to almost anything has become "no." And it really doesn't matter how good your intentions are or how good your offer is. Unfortunately, most people will probably reject you. But what if you knew the right words to unlock the psychological barrier that keeps you from getting what you want? Imagine knowing the secret, subtle language of persuasiveness that gives you the voice you feel you've never had, so you can finally be heard and feel like what you say is important because people finally listen. This book will teach you the psychological principles of ethical influence and persuasion so you can close more sales, seal more deals, get more favors and settle more disagreements with a skill that will bring you more confidence and happiness in your career and in your life.
    Publication DateSeptember 24, 2016
    Primary CategoryBusiness & Economics/Sales & Selling - General
    Publisher ImprintTransform Destiny, Inc.

    Influence to Profit: Turning Words Into Wealth with Ethical Influence and Persuasion

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